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wattOS-R9 Microwatt Edition

  • There are two versions - A 32bit and 64bit edition.
  • They have the same programs and packages and format
  • Be sure to watch the YouTube Overview if you are not familiar with a tiling window manager

The i3 Window Manager has outstanding documentation go to i3wm main page

Also the keyboard shortcut reference is here Keyboard Reference

* We have set the "windows key" as the Mod (modifier) key by default.

  • This page will get completed in the next couple days with more pics and info

Core apps and differences for Microwatt – R9

  • i3 Tiling Window Manager – 4.10.2
  • Subset of applications listed in LXDE above scripts included to install afterwards if wanted
  • Midori web browser (with flash support) – 0.4.3
  • Terminal tools like htop

LXDE versions wattOS should be able to run on any system that has a Pentium 3 class processor or better with 192-256MB of RAM to install but less than 128MB after install is complete.

Microwatt version of wattOS should be able to run on the same class of machines as LXDE but with a smaller memory footprint.